Lewis Crozier

Lewis C

Lewis came to the sport in April 2019 aged 13 with no experience of the game and very little skating experience and has progressed exceptionally well, making it into U14s Stars before Covid struck.

Lewis is a 1st year Predator this season.

He is working hard to progress into the u19s.

Keep up the hard work Lewis, your doing great!

Lewis Cr

Jacob Woods


Jacob started ice skating at the age of 4 before moving onto ice hockey just before his 5th birthday.

Having watching his 2 older brothers play the game…this was sure to happen for Jacob.

He started life as a D-Man but soon found his rightful place as a forward.

Jacob is a 1st year Predator and will also train up with the Devils.

Keep up the great work Jacob

Kerr Drummond


Kerr is one of our solid D-Men and this year will be playing 2nd year Predators and will also be training and playing up with the Devils when he is needed.

#11 Predators



Rocco Murray


Rocco started ice hockey at a very young age with NAIHC, with both his dad and brother playing Ice Hockey it was inevitable that he would want to join them.

His talent has earned him the opportunity to train & play up with the Predators.

He much prefers to play Defence position

Keep up the great work Rocco.