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Results from Weekend & Stars Match Report – 19/01/19

Saturday 19th January

Predators v Ayr Bruins U16’s at Ayr Ice Rink with Face Off at 3.30pm – Scottish Cup Game.

Predators dominated throughout right from the 1st puck drop.

Final Score: North Ayrshire Predators 15 – 1 Ayr Bruins, goals from; 6x Antony Curlett, 3x Haydn Woods, 2x Josh Carslaw, 2x Dylan Murray & 2x Harvey Hughes.  Man of the Match: Zak Orr on his debut match with U16’s.

Stars v Moray U14’s at Moray Ice rink, Elgin with Face Off at 4.15pm

After an early start and a long coach journey the Stars arrived in Elgin, ready to take on Moray 14’s for the 1st time this year.
The Stars took to the ice and after a little time to adjust to the smaller rink, were 1st to score after 2.31 mins with a goal from Jacob Woods that was followed up less than 4 minutes with a great bar down goal from D-Man Fraser Maloney, with Moray finding themselves a man down from a tripping penalty towards the end of the period it was the Stars and Aedan Monaghan who found the back of the net in the last minute making it 3 – 0 to us at the end of the 1st.
The 2nd period was by far the best period for the Stars with them coming out strong, showing some excellent team work, working the puck and moving it around the rink making Moray chase them for any touch, with just over 2 mins gone on the clock it was Liam Houston scored after a lovely pass from Dylan Simpson, this was followed 15 seconds later with a bar down over and behind their goalie, this time from Flynn Massie, assisted from Liam & Aedan.  This was followed by another 2 goals from the Stars from Jacob & Dylan Simpson before Moray caught a break and scored what was to be their only goal of the game. Stars answer ….. another 2 goals before the end of the period coming from Dylan & Flynn.
The 3rd period was a strange one for the Stars, although having a game winning lead, they were on the back foot for most of the period, with them playing short handed with a player in the penalty box for 4 mins it seemed to unnerve the team and with Moray coming at the Stars with everything they had it was a tough period for our defence but they pulled it out the bag and worked their socks off every shift, Conar Miller, Fraser Maloney, Conor Wood & Adam Bainbridge shut them down no matter which angle they came at net minder Caiden MacColl.  With the Stars back to full strength, the attack was back on and after a flurry of attempts on goal from Emma Lamberton, David Cameron, Travis Baillie, Aaron Stewart, Emma Miller it was Flynn who scored with a slapshot from the blue line to round up the game with 3,48 seconds left on the clock.
In all it was a well fought game from both sides with great team hockey being played and minimal penalties.
Final Score: North Ayrshire Stars 10 – 1 Moray U14’s. Goals from; 3x Flynn Massie, 2 x Dylan Simpson, 2x Jacob Woods & 1 each from Aedan Monaghan, Fraser Maloney & Liam Houston with assists from these players & Aaron Stewart, Adam, Bainbridge, Conor Wood & Conar Miller. Man of the Match went to Adean Monaghan.

North Ayrshire Wild V Aberdeen Lynx at Auchenharvie Ice Rink with Face Off at 6.30pm

Final Score: Wild 1 – 3 Lynx. Man of the Match: Marc Fowley.

Sunday 20th January

North Ayrshire Devils v Solway Sharks U20’s at Dumfries Ice Bowl with Face Off at 5.30pm – Scottish Cup Game.

Final Score Devils 6 – 11 Sharks. Man of the Match: Sean Woods
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