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Please Ka Leisure, open our rink this year!

This week we were informed by Ka Leisure that they had decided not to open our ice rink till January 2021.

We have joined together with the other 6 ice clubs which are based at Auchenharvie Ice Rink, Stevenston in a bid to encourage Ka Leisure to rethink this crazy decision and get all our members back on the ice as and when the Scottish Government allows.

None of the Ice Clubs were contacted prior to this decision being made therefore Ka Leisure would have no way of knowing how much Ice time we would require and are basing their decision on our previous ice allocation.  Bearing in mind the children and adults who use this rink as their base, week in and week out have been out of action since March and are most likely to be looking for as much as possible.

For this to be used for fitness activities is just selfish as there are many Ka Leisure Campuses in the surrounding area which can accommodate these types of activities while there is only 1 ice rink!

Our members have missed out on so much this year that there is no way of knowing how this will affect their mental and emotional well-being.  We as a club will ensure all social distancing (for over 12’s) and strict hygiene procedures are adhered to and work with Ka Leisure to safely get the kids back on the ice!

There has been a petition launched and we are urging everyone to sign it in the hope that Ka Leisure will reconsider and let our kids back on the ice this year!


Open our rink


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