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Penguins Win against Lanarkshire Lightning – 1st league game of this season


Penguins 11 – 4 Lightening
Man Of Match – Adam Bainbridge (A)

Saturday 8th September

Penguins win their 1st game of this new season against Lanarkshire Lightening.

These were tough opponents from last season so we were all set for a tough start to the season…..and with 4 goals in the 1st 5 minutes of the opening period…omg, was this going to be some game.

1st goal to Penguins at 2.35 from Emma Lamberton, followed 16 seconds later by another for us from Liam Houston…Lanarksire fought back with a goal 1.24 seconds later only to be silenced by another Penguins goal from Captain Flynn Massie  at 4.47…..the atmosphere in Auchenharvie Ice rink was electric and another 3 goals before the end of the period with a 1st for Conor Wood and another goal each from Liam & Flynn, making the score 6-1.  The 2 minute interval saw Lanarkshire coming out fighting and found the back of our net twice, things got a little heated with both teams spending valuable minutes in the penalty box before a breakaway goal from Liam 41 seconds from end of 2nd period brought the score to 7-3. The 3rd period brought the lightening out fighting and they found the net 6 minutes into the period this only spurred on the Penguins who went on to score  another 4 goals thanks to Assistants Jacob Woods, Adam Bainbridge and another goal each for Liam & Flynn.

Final score: Penguins 11 – 4 Lightning

Penguin - Flynn Massie (C) ShootingPenguins - LiamPenguins SavedPenguins pushing the game

NA Penguins

Man of the Match:


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