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Match Report – 10th & 11th February

Saturday 9th February 2019
North Ayrshire Devils v Kilmarnock Avalanche at Galleon Leisure Centre, Kilmarnock.  Face off 2.30pm
Final Score: North Ayrshire Devils 4 – 15 Kilmarnock Avalanche Under 20’s. Man of the Match: Gus Gaffney.
North Ayrshire Penguins v Kilmarnock Tornadoes at Galleon Leisure Centre, Kilmarnock.  Face off 4.45pm
The Penguins were keen to bring home a Win and strong in numbers came out fighting from the puck dropping and it only took a little over 2 mins for them to start a scoring spree with a lovely goal from Lennon Deeney.  This encouraged the team to play some great passing hockey allowing them to net another 5 unanswered goals, this period finished 6 – 0 to Penguins.
The 2nd period started badly for the Penguins with a Killie goal thanks to Ruby Newlands after 59 seconds, this woke Penguins up who answered with another 2 goals before a change to net minders saw Caiden MacColl finish and Calum Simmonds tag in for his partner.  Killie scored their 2nd goal bringing the 2nd period to a close at 6 – 2 to the Penguins.
With a winning lead it would have been easy for the Penguins to play safe and coast along….but this is not how they play ice hockey, they train hard and this was the ideal opportunity to put into action what they’ve learned and they got off to a flying start when D-man Rocco Murray scoring after 1.23 minutes closely followed a minute later by Ewan O’Donnell’s 1st goal for the Penguins on his debut game after transferring to us from the Braehead Pee Wee’s.  Net minder Calum made a lovely save from Killie’s Donaldson but as the Tornadoes upped the ante creating numerous shots on goal it was inevitable that a couple would slip past him. As tensions rose with Tornadoes desperate for a comeback both sides found themselves short handed playing 4 on 4.  It was the Penguins who led a strong attack with shots coming rapidly from Flynn Massie, Liam Houston and Adam Bainbridge, all being deflected by Tornadoes Net minder until Lennon found that gap and scored his 5th goal for the Penguins only for Tornadoes to cancel it out 3 seconds later.  The last 5 minutes of the game saw play taken from end to end but it was the Penguins who stopped any come back with a flurry of 4 goals to win the game.  Great game and credit to both sides who fought for every puck and took every chance.  Would be interesting to know what the shots on goal for each team were.
Final Score: North Ayrshire Penguins 15 – 5 Kilmarnock Tornadoes Under 12’s.  Goals from, 5 x Lennon Deeney, 3 x Emma Lamberton, 2 x Liam Houston, 2 x Adam Bainbridge, Aaron Stewart, Rocco Murray, Ewan O’Donnell.  Assists from: Aaron Stewart, Adam Bainbridge, David Cameron, Emma Lamberton, Flynn Massie, Lennon Denney, Liam Houston, Matthew Evans & Rocco Murray. Man of the Match: Ewan O’Donnell.
Photo’s from Kirsty Massie.
North Ayrshire Wild v Kilmarnock Thunder at Auchenharvie Ice Rink, Stevenston.  Face Off: 6.30pm

This weeks Wild game was against Kilmarnock Thunder.  This game needed approval to go ahead as Thunder were short of players, but permission was granted sogame on. First period Wild came out strong with multiple good, strong hard passes and good quality skating, the Kilmarnock goalie did not know what had happened when the first 3 goals were all tip in deflections right in front of the goalsKilmarnock struggled to keep up with the pace and the period ended 5-0.

2nd period saw Kilmarnock came out strong but still just could not find the net, while the Wild continued to hit the back of the net.  With Kilmarnock net minder needing replaced and no other goalie kitted on their bench, it fell to outfield player Malcom Anderson to cover the net.  Handy that he’s their net minder who was actually getting to play outfield this game……Not meant to be for Malcom, who after a quick change, became the nettie for rest of the game. This period ended 9-1 
3rd period was to be much of the same style of game with Wild being too strong for the shorthanded Thunder, who put on a good show to get another two goals in this period when Wild only got 3.  This was a great natured and enjoyable game of hockey that saw us get the win 12-3.
Final Score: North Ayrshire Wild 12 – 3 Kilmarnock Thunder SNL. Man of the Match: Gary Parker.

Photos from Yvonne Goldie.

Sunday 10th February 2019
North Ayrshire Sabre v Ayr Bruins Under 10’s at Auchenharvie Ice Rink, Stevenston. Face Off 5.30pm

North Ayrshire Sabres welcomed Ayr Bruins in what was to be a closely fought match. 

The match started at a very high pace with some great play from both teams before Sabres eventually took the lead. Sabres weren’t to have things their own way as Bruins fought back to equalise. Sabres regained the lead and had a 5-2 lead at the end of the 1st period. Bruins fought hard in what was a fiery second period which ended with the scores tied at 6-6. The 3rd period had just as much action with the goals coming thick and fast although both goalies made some excellent saves and the 3rd period ended 11-11. Rather than leaving it a tie, both teams agreed to take 2 penalty shots in the hope of finding a winner.  Up first was Ashton Lomas for Sabres who was unfortunate not to score bringing out a good save from the Bruins goalie. Bruins also missed their first penalty shot with Jake Reilly making a fantastic save low to his right. Zack Docherty was next up for Sabres, holding his nerves and selling the Bruins goalie a dummy and slotting the puck into the back of the net. Bruins second penalty taker was unfortunate with his shot coming back off the bar sending the Sabres players home happy.
The coaches and manager at North Ayr would like to thank the coaches and kids at Ayr Bruins for taking on this game on at very short notice.
Final Score North Ayrshire Sabres 12 – 11 Ayr Bruins (after penalty shots).  Man of the Match:  Liam Wedegren, Ayr Mom was Kyle.

North Ayrshire Learn to play v Ayr Bruins Learn to play at Auchenharvie Ice Rink, Stevenston. Face Off 5.30pm
North Ayrshire LTP kids also welcomed kids from Ayr Bruins for a x-ice game. All kids had great fun showing their families and friends how well they are doing with their ice hockey with Harrison Proven and Michael Durning playing in their first game for LTP.  Great effort and attitude for a sport they love.  Lots of big smiles as they went home tonight. Well done to all and thanks for coming along.  
Man of the Match: Ewan Gardner and Aaron for Ayr Bruins.
Photo’s from David Turner & John Gardiner.
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