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Caught you Looking!

Don’t just watch, come and join in!

North Ayrshire Ice Hockey Club are looking to strengthen there teams at all age groups, so If you’ve played before and are looking for a new challenge….come and join one of our teams.

Email info@naihc.co.uk with your details and experience and one of our managers will get back to you to start your Naihc journey.



We have a special offer on for anyone new to ice hockey while our other age groups are looking for experienced players to strengthen their teams!

LTP recruit

general recruit


Our qualified coaches will teach your child the basics of ice hockey over their 1st 10 weeks while making it fun for them.

We are offering the 1st 2 weeks for free and  you will then receive the following 8 weeks for only £40….more than enough time for your child to fall in love with Ice hockey!!




LTP recruit


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