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Stars & Predators on winning form.


North Ayrshire Stars v Kilmarnock U14’s

Naihc Stars welcomed their neighbours from Kilmarnock hoping to extend their winning run. 

The Stars started brightly but it was the visitors that took the lead, this was to be short lived when our captain Rocco Murray scored to tie the game at 1-1. Stars came out the blocks at the start of the second period and took the lead inside 10 seconds through Lennon Deeney. Stars extended their lead with Rocco making it 3-1. Stars ended the second period on top with Liam Durning making it 4-1 with a great short handed goal. 

The 3rd period started with Kilmarnock having most of the puck and Stars had to thank netminder Caiden MacColl who produced some excellent saves. Some scrappy action in front of the Kilmarnock goal saw the puck fall to Ashton Lomas who showed great skill and composure to slot the puck past the goalie to make it 5-1. This sparked a mini fightback from Kilmarnock who scored two quick goals to reduce the deficit to 5-3. Stars responded with 3 goals in the last few minutes all from Captain Rocco. Meaning the Stars continued their winning run winning 8-3. Well done to Ethan Rankin who made his Stars debut & MOM Netminder Caiden Macoll.


North Ayrshire Predators v Kilmarnock U16’s

The Predators were hoping to replicate their winning form from their away game with local rivals Kilmarnock JIHC 2 weeks ago when they won 6 – 5 but it was Killie who scored after 3 minutes while on a power play with Predators saving a Penalty for having too many men on the ice.  Kilmarnock then were served a penalty but Predators were unable to take advantage until D-man Kerr Drummond moved the puck into position for his legendary slapshot (boy you do not want to be in the way of the puck) to level the score giving The Predators the equaliser at the end of the first.

Captain Flynn Massie scored a minute into the 2nd period after a great pass from Drummond giving the Predators the advantage, but Killie fought back and scored 3 minutes later.  After a few penalties on either side the score remained 2-2 at the end of the second.

The third period started in the Predators favour are some great passing from Massie to Jacob Woods who between them deeked the goalie to put them ahead.  In a frantic third period, it was the Predators who kept the calm with a solid defence while their forwards continued to place the Killie Goalie under pressure and each line made gains with strategic passing.  The game play from North Ayr stepped up and resulted in another goal from Massie for the team to seal the win 4 – 2. Special mention to the Stars who after playing their own game, came back on to play with the Predators and helped boost the team.  

Goals from Kerr Drummond, Flynn Massie x 2 & Jacob Woods with Man of the Match: Kerr Drummond.

Kerr MOM - Edited

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The Rookie Revolution starts……HERE!


We are please to announce the re-launch of our new look Saturday sessions at Auchenharvie Ice Rink, Stevenston.


The Rookie Revolution is here!

We are inviting any 5-12 year olds to come to us and let our fully qualified coaches teach them how to play the fastest team sport in the world.
Full kit provided & no ice hockey is experience required to let our coaches work their magic and let your Rookie fall in love with the wonder of ice hockey during their Rookie Revolution journey.

Sabres at Sam Wallace 2018 (8)Sabres at Sam Wallace 2018 (6)

Our new 14 week level 1 block will start on Saturday 28th August, 1.15pm – 2.15pm.

Places need to be booked prior to start date as kit will need to be organised for each Rookie.

Email: for more details or to reserve your place for the brand new Rookie Revolution


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3 wins from 4…..positive weekend for North Ayr!

Wild v Comets6

North Ayrshire WILD v Aberdeen Lynx at Auchenharvie Ice Rink, Stevenston.

Saturdays game saw the Wild at home against Aberdeen Aberdeen were not having much luck on their arrival at the rink with one player forgetting his skates and another his helmet. The Wild were able to help out with a helmet but as for size 11 skates, there are no giants at North Ayr, so we were unable help out with that one. 
The first period from the Wild showed skill and determination, Aberdeen didn’t know what had hit them when Captain Scott Cowan pinged the puck past the Aberdeen goalie with only 1.13 on the clock, a further goal from Mark Fowley put the score too 2-0 Wild after the first period. 
Into the second period and the Wild were as thirsty as the first period, getting to the puck first and generating chance after chance, they also had 3 penalty kills to content with but produced some good hockey and held Aberdeen away from our goals, this period ended 5-0. 
Into the 3rd & Aberdeen started making a few more hits and got more physical on and off the puck.  The Wild were slightly on the back foot and this allowed a late goal from Aberdeen that saw the game finish 5-1 to the wild. 
The Man of the Match was No 17Scott Wright, but this could have gone to a few players. 
Sunday’s game had the Wild travel North to take on Dundee Comets. Let’s see if they can make it a double win this weekend.
North Ayrshire Penguins v Lanarkshire Lightning U12’s at Hamilton Ice Rink – Saturday 11th January
Final Score Penguins 7 – 3 Lightning. Our Man of the Match went to Jack Malcolm.
North Ayrshire Devils v Belfast Junior Giants U20’s – Dundonald Ice Bowl, Belfast – Saturday 11th January
Final Score: Devils 3 – 1 Giants. Goals from Jamie Miller & Jamie Sturrock (2x).  MoM – Elliot McLachlan
Devils in Belfast - EditedPhoto Credit: Sharon Sturrock.
North Ayrshire Wild v Dundee Comets at Dundee Ice Arena – Sunday 12th January
North Ayrshire Wild travelled through to Dundee for there 2nd game this weekend, this time facing Dundee Comets. The game started of well but soon Comets were overpowering the Wild team, was last nights game starting to tell on the players??  The first period ended 3-1 to Comets. Into the second and the Wild players looked tired and Dundee took advantage,they were constantly breaking through the middle of the ice meaning this period ended 5-1Into the 3rd and the Wilds legs have loosened up and we get to see the Wild from last night, during this period we saw them play much better and actually won that period but sadly it still wasn’t enough to take the win & the points as the game ended 7-4 to Dundee Comets with Wild Man of the Match going to Gary Parker.
Wild v Comets6 WIld v Comets5 Wild v Comets4 Wild v Comets2 Wild v Comets1
Photo Credit to Derek Black from Dundee Ice Hockey Club
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Winning ways for our teams.

Stars @ Elgin

North Ayrshire Stars v Moray Juniors U14’s

Our Stars had another long journey this weekend as they travelled through to Elgin for their 1st meeting this season and came away with a comfortable win.  Final Score: North Ayrshire Stars 12 v 1 Moray Juniors U14’s. Mn of the Match: Conor Wood.  Photos by Antonia Cameron.

Stars in Elgin Stars at Elgin


North Ayrshire WILD v Kilmarnock Thunder SNL – Stuart Robertson Cup.

The WILD’s second home game of the season was against their local rivals Kilmarnock Thunder. 

The first period saw the WILD come of the bench and play not as individuals but as a team and they tore Kilmarnock Thunder apart, tempers flared early on and Thunder had their keeper sent for an early shower leaving rookie goaltender Stewart Wilkie on his first season in the SNL to step in and he done well taking a total of 76 shots on goal and only conceding 19. The first period ended 9-0.

The second period was much the same with the WILD all over them, Kilmarnock didn’t give up and created a few breakouts but WILD were too strong for them and the second period ended 16-0. 

Going into the 3rd and WILD could afford to ease the pressure off and just enjoy the game. Kilmarnock Thunder suffered with discipline which saw a 2nd man put off the ice, as the period continued, a high stick caught Warren Crawford in the mouth costing him 4 teeth and he had to leave the ice.

The night was a good night for the WILD and certainly entertained the crowd, finishing the game 20-0 and a well deserved Man of Match went to Jamie Sturrock who netted a hat trick. Next weeks home game is against Solway so we need a large crowd to get behind our guys and give them a lift.

Sunday 6th October 

North Ayrshire Devils v Ayr Bruins U20’s at Galleon Leisure Centre, Kilmarnock

The Devils were runaway winners with goals coming from throughout the team.  Final Score: North Ayrshire Devils 35 – 7 Ayr Bruins. Man of the Match: Sean Woods

North Ayrshire Sabres v Ayr Bruins at Galleon Leisure Centre, Kilmarnock

The U8s/U10s enjoyed their first game of the season against Ayr Bruins at Kilmarnock. 

Both teams played well with some kids on both teams getting their first game under their belts. The game involved them getting to try out everything they have been learning during their training sessions, with some good goals scored by both sides. Man of the Match for North Ayrshire was Kyle Wedegren.

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Match Reports –

North Ayrshire Ice Hockey Club Logo

Saturday 2nd March

North Ayrshire Devils v Solway Sharks U20’s at Dumfries Ice Arena.  Face Off: 4.15pm.

Final Score: Devils 2 – 13 Sharks.  Man of the Match: Jack French.

North Ayrshire Penguins v Dundee Stars U12’s at Auchenharvie Ice Rink, Stevenston. Face Off: 6pm

This weekend North Ayrshire U12s Penguins faced the Dundee Stars at home in what turned out to be a fast paced game.

The Penguins struggled in the first period to find their rhythm, penalties were clocking up as frustration was setting in trying to break through the Dundee opposition.

Dundee seized the opportunity as #16 Jarred Dolan gained the first goal on the score board, 8 minutes into the first period.

The puck continued to be played from end to end, but the Penguins couldn’t penetrate Dundee’s net minder Evelyn Brown and thankfully Dundee couldn’t get past North Ayr’s net minder #1 Caiden MacColl.

After time to re-group on the bench the Penguins started the second period more determined than ever, this time frustration setting in Dundee’s camp as they starting racking up the penalty minutes.  North Ayr’s #12 Liam Houston seized a power play opportunity and set up a nice pass to #17 Lennon Deeney who quickly passed to #8 Flynn Massie, bagging North Ayr’s first goal.  With spirits raised the Penguins didn’t let up, with continual shots on Dundee’s net minder, it was #8 Flynn Massie made another three goals count, with teamwork assists coming from #17 Lennon Deeney, #20 Rocco Murray and #12 Liam Houston.

North Ayr switched Net minder and #33 Calum Simmonds took to the nets, the shots on goal continued on both net minders, North Ayr’s #33 Calum Simmonds just couldn’t get to a fast paced top right hand corner shot from Dundee’s #14 Ethan Hardie.

The second period ended on a high note with #20 Rocco Murray, assisted by #22 Aaron Stewart and #12 Liam Houston managing goal number 5.

Four minutes into the third period and North Ayr’s #2 Aaron Turner found a way through to #22 Aaron Stewart, who made a great pass to #12 Liam Houston securing goal number 6.  The celebrations didn’t last long and a quick line change was made allowing North Ayr’s #10 Jacob Woods, assisted by #6 Oliver Turner and #17 Lennon Deeney gain another goal securely on the scoreboard.  Dundee were fighting hard trying to relentlessly gain play # 20 Rocco Murray got a sore one to the head off the boards, but regained his composure continuing to battle hard.  The shots from both sides continued, with neither side managing to penetrate there defences.

Man of the Match went to Flynn Massie who showed excellent Team Play and secured 4 of our 7 goals, keeping North Ayr U12s in contention for the top spot in the League.

Final Score: Penguins 7 – 2 Stars.  Man of the Match: Flynn Massie. Goals from 4 x Flynn Massie & 1 each from Jacob Woods, Liam Houston & Rocco Murray. Man of the Match: Flynn Massie (C) 

North Ayrshire Predators v Dundee Stars U16’s at Auchenharvie Ice Rink, Stevenston.  Face Off: 7.30pm

Final Score: Predators 0 – 10 Stars.  Man of the Match: Calum Ramsey


Next Weeks Fixtures:

Saturday 9th March

North Ayrshire Penguins v Murrayfield U12’s at Auchenharvie Ice Rink, Stevenston.  Face Off: 6pm

North Ayrshire Stars v Murrayfield U16’s at Auchenharvie Ice Rink, Stevenston.  Face Off: 7.30pm

Sunday 10th March

North Ayrshire Predators v Murrayfield U12’s at Murrayfield Ice Rink.  Face Off: 5.30pm

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Learn to Play/U10’s first X-Ice tournament of the season

Our youngest members, our Learn to Play/U10’s travelled through to Murrayfield for their first X-Ice tournament of the season.

Playing for the first time as a team consisting of experienced and new players against 2 teams from both Murrayfield and Dundee, they did more than hold there own, with decisive wins over 3 teams and losing the other by 1 goal.  All kids taking part have had a wonderful experience, with the older ones looking after the little ones and even gifting them the chance for their 1st goals. Great team spirit.  Thanks to Murrayfield for a well run tournament.


LTP first x-ice LTP first x-ice v Murrayfield

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Scotland Conference 2018

This year we had 6 players in 3 age groups make it all the way through to final team selection.

Penguins – Flynn & Liam for the U11’s

Stars – Harry & Jack for the U13’s

Devils – Aaron & Zak for the U17’s

We also had a further 2 make it into the squad for the U13’s – Well done to Cole & Dylan.

These boys have worked hard within the club at training and games as well as the monthly training sessions and additional training games in Dundee for Scotland Training.  Flynn & Liam have also taken part with their team in 3 mini conferences prior to the main conference, 1 in Dumfries and 2 in Sheffield with them being crowned winners after the 3rd mini conference in March after coming from behind on the day.  All boys have earned the right to wear the Scotland Jersey and did the club proud at the main conference last week, unfortunately, the puck just wasn’t falling our way, but each one of them worked their socks off in all their games.  Well Done Boys.