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3 wins from 4…..positive weekend for North Ayr!

Wild v Comets6

North Ayrshire WILD v Aberdeen Lynx at Auchenharvie Ice Rink, Stevenston.

Saturdays game saw the Wild at home against Aberdeen Aberdeen were not having much luck on their arrival at the rink with one player forgetting his skates and another his helmet. The Wild were able to help out with a helmet but as for size 11 skates, there are no giants at North Ayr, so we were unable help out with that one. 
The first period from the Wild showed skill and determination, Aberdeen didn’t know what had hit them when Captain Scott Cowan pinged the puck past the Aberdeen goalie with only 1.13 on the clock, a further goal from Mark Fowley put the score too 2-0 Wild after the first period. 
Into the second period and the Wild were as thirsty as the first period, getting to the puck first and generating chance after chance, they also had 3 penalty kills to content with but produced some good hockey and held Aberdeen away from our goals, this period ended 5-0. 
Into the 3rd & Aberdeen started making a few more hits and got more physical on and off the puck.  The Wild were slightly on the back foot and this allowed a late goal from Aberdeen that saw the game finish 5-1 to the wild. 
The Man of the Match was No 17Scott Wright, but this could have gone to a few players. 
Sunday’s game had the Wild travel North to take on Dundee Comets. Let’s see if they can make it a double win this weekend.
North Ayrshire Penguins v Lanarkshire Lightning U12’s at Hamilton Ice Rink – Saturday 11th January
Final Score Penguins 7 – 3 Lightning. Our Man of the Match went to Jack Malcolm.
North Ayrshire Devils v Belfast Junior Giants U20’s – Dundonald Ice Bowl, Belfast – Saturday 11th January
Final Score: Devils 3 – 1 Giants. Goals from Jamie Miller & Jamie Sturrock (2x).  MoM – Elliot McLachlan
Devils in Belfast - EditedPhoto Credit: Sharon Sturrock.
North Ayrshire Wild v Dundee Comets at Dundee Ice Arena – Sunday 12th January
North Ayrshire Wild travelled through to Dundee for there 2nd game this weekend, this time facing Dundee Comets. The game started of well but soon Comets were overpowering the Wild team, was last nights game starting to tell on the players??  The first period ended 3-1 to Comets. Into the second and the Wild players looked tired and Dundee took advantage,they were constantly breaking through the middle of the ice meaning this period ended 5-1Into the 3rd and the Wilds legs have loosened up and we get to see the Wild from last night, during this period we saw them play much better and actually won that period but sadly it still wasn’t enough to take the win & the points as the game ended 7-4 to Dundee Comets with Wild Man of the Match going to Gary Parker.
Wild v Comets6 WIld v Comets5 Wild v Comets4 Wild v Comets2 Wild v Comets1
Photo Credit to Derek Black from Dundee Ice Hockey Club
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1st weekend back in action saw mixed results.

Stars v Dundee66
Saturday 4th January.
Scottish Cup Game – North Ayrshire Predators v Solway Sharks JIHC at Dumfries Ice Bowl.
Happy New Year and what better way to start it than a Scottish Cup road trip to Dumfries for our Under 16’s The Predators.  Any worries that the 1st game back after the Christmas break would slow them down were dismissed with a lovely shot from Kyle Forsyth after only 3 minutes.  With the Predators putting the pressure on, it was Josh Carslaw who scored twice within 40 seconds just after the 9 minute mark.  The Predators entered the 2nd period with a 3 goal lead, but it was Solway who scored next to relight the game, this looked to be turning when Predators suffered a penalty for interference and played with only 4 players, but never fear, Jack Neil took the puck a wander and found the back of their net.  With a strong lead and a fresh team, the Predators were able to give their younger players more ice time, with 7 players regular Stars players (U14’s) this was a good opportunity for them to put into practice what they had been learning from & with their peers in the Predators.  Back to full strength, it was youngster Flynn Massie  who scored his 1st goal for the Predators.  This NA Star re-directed a blue line shot from Aedan Monaghan to score.  There was no stopping the Predators as next up Dylan Murray slotted his 1st of the game with such skill & ease this prompting Flynn to follow his lead and press forward to score his second.  With the net minders changing over, Harry Campbell gave way to Calum Simmonds.  The final period started as the last had ended with Predators out shooting Solway with more goals from Jack & Kyle before Solway sneaked one into our net.  Not to let this get them off their stride, it was D-Man Kerr Drummond who pulled off his trademark blue line slap shot to score his 1st this season as a 2nd year train up Star. And they didn’t stop there, Jack had a lovely breakaway goal 18 seconds later, then Dylan has a trail of Solway players chasing him down before scoring his 2nd 44 seconds later.  With such an advantage for the Predators, Jacob Woods decided to take advantage of a bottleneck in the corner of the rink and when the puck re-emerged and headed his way, he slotted home his 1st Predators goal. This was followed by another from Kyle & Dylan before Antony Curlett powered home the final goal of the day making it a resounding finish for the Predators with the score finishing 16 – 2 and Man of the Match going to Liam Houston.
Predators v Solway SC Preds v Solway
North Ayrshire Wild v Kilmarnock Thunder at Auchenharvie Ice Rink, Stevenston.

First game of the new year against Kilmarnock, this is always a rough game and proved to be just that with penalty minutes for both teams hitting 50 mins. Both teams were a wee bit rusty in the first period after the festive break but the Wild managed to go 3-0 up. Into the second period and the Wild were beginning to wakeup with a constant pressure on the Kilmarnock net minder, 30 shots in total although just managing to scored with 6 of themfinishing the period 9-0. The 3rd period saw the Wild coast alonghowever Kilmarnock Thunder were constantly playing with 4 men on the ice with one player taking 45 mins of penaltiesaloneWild’s Adam Kerr got called for fighting which saw him and his opponent leave the ice.  Kilmarnock then started to play good hockey and managed to score 2 goals but Wild were not giving up and also scored goals finishing the game 14-2. Man of the Match: Scott Cowan.

Next week the Wild have Aberdeen at home on the Saturday and then travel to Dundee on the Sunday.
Wild V Thunder Wild v Thunder
Sunday 5th January
North Ayrshire Stars v Dundee Stars Juniors U14’s at Dundee Ice Arena
The Stars 1st game of the year saw them take to the road and travel through to Dundee to take on their U14’s.  With these teams are equally matched, this was going to be a great 1st game back and any signs of easing into it were quickly banished when our Stars were on the puck as soon as it dropped and lovely team work from Liam Houston & Flynn Massie created panic from Dundee net minder as Emma Lamberton effortlessly slid the puck past him with less than a minute played.  The team then dropped to 4 players but the strong defending and cycling of the puck mean Dundee couldn’t take advantage of that and when Stars returned to full strength, their push on goal was strong but in the 10th minute it was Dundee who scored their 1st goal of the game.  The 2nd period was not a good one for our Stars, although they came out looking for it  a few penalties saw them play with only 3 players to Dundee’s 5, but again the penalty kill defence stood strong, but this couldn’t continue and with only 12 seconds of the 4 on 5 remaining Dundee scored and our Stars looked rattled and lost their way a little, conceding another goal 3 minutes later.  A pep talk from coaches during the 2 min break seemed to work with Stars rushing their net & it eventually paid off with a breakaway from Flynn Massie resulting in our 2nd goal, but with only 57 seconds left was there time to level it?  Dundee felt there was and called a time out but Stars continued and Massie was denied his 2nd goal by their minder. Despite this fantastic comeback, it wasn’t to be and the game finished 3 – 2 to the Dundee Star Juniors.  But it sure was an explosive return to the ice and a sign of good team play is always what we are looking for. Man of the Match went to Rhys Deeley for solid defending.
Stars v Dundee 103 Stars v Dundee 102
North Ayrshire Predators v Dundee Stars Juniors U16’s at Dundee Ice Arena
The Predators 2nd game in 2 days was going to be tougher than their previous one with 7 of their players having just finished playing a tiring game with the U14’s.  Dundee came out strong and totally caught the Predators on the hop with 3 quick goals which broke our spirit…but just a little.  Predators soon regrouped and fought for a come back with goals from Dylan Murray (2), Jack Neil & Jacob Woods but it wasn’t enough and the game ended 13 – 4 to our hosts with Jacob getting Man of the Match this time.
We are always looking for new players, especially at out learn to play.  We can take them from 4yrs old and will supply all equipment for their trial period.  Anyone interested, please contact or look on our Facebook and Website for more information.
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Happy New Year


christmas 2020

Everyone at North Ayrshire Ice Hockey Club would like to thank you all for your support and commitment over the last year.  From getting players to training on time to helping out on match nights all these little things really help out the managers and coaches more than you realise.

So a Big Thank You and here’s to 2020! Our club is growing and it’s all thanks to you all.

#Lets Go North Ayr.

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EIHA Conference Conference Series – Winter Classic – U15 & U17

15, 17

We send our good wishes for a successful trip to Sheffield for our fab 4  as they join their respective Scotland Squads to take on teams from South-West, South-East, Northern & Midlands.

Representing Scotland:

U15’s we have Harry Campbell & Lewis McCrindle

U17’s we have Jamie Sturrock & Kyle Forsyth.

The boys have worked so hard to make it this far and we know they will do their very best with their squads.


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Pre-Christmas Round Up

Merry Christmas

North Ayrshire U10’s & Learn To Play had their Christmas party on Saturday at Auchenharvie Leisure Centre, Stevenston. 

This was a family day where siblings and parents could all get on the ice with their player to enjoy the fun with some special guests including Minnie Mouse and of course the main man himself, Santa. Great fun was had by everyone that attended.   A special thanks to Ayley and Jock from Functionz for supplying the kids with hot dogs, popcorn and candy floss for the party, these went down a treat.

The coaches would like to wish all the players, helpers and their families a very Merry Christmas. Report & Photos from David Turner.

Sabres Christmas Party - Edited

Santa takes to the ice

Minnie Mouse on Ice - Edited








North Ayrshire Wild v Dundee Tigers – Scottish Cup 2nd Leg At Auchenharvie Leisure Centre, Stevenston.

The Wild took on Dundee Tigers at home in the second leg of the Scottish cup.  Wild found themselves 4 goals behind from the first leg so needed a powerful start to pull this game back. The first period saw a very lazy Wild team take to the ice,with a few exceptions, but the shots on goals possibly say it all,  Wild only managed 5 shots on goal while the Tigers fired 11 shots at our net, remarkably, this period ended 1-1. 

2nd period was not much different although both teams took a few penalties and the Tigers lost a player after a bad challenge on Wild’s Liam Anderson which saw him head to hospital to be checked over leaving him out for a few weeks with concussion and a fractured eye socket, despite this upset, there were a few goals from both teams leaving it 4-3 to the Tigers.  Could the Wild do it in the 3rd period? This is normally a strong period for the Wild, so hopes were raised. However it was not to be, the Tigers came onto the ice wanting this win and soon put it out of reach for The Wild & saw the game finish 7-3. With 38 to 27 shots on goal for theTigers, they proved to be to much for the Wild!Wild goals came from Marc Fowley, Scott Cowan and Jamie Sturrock. Man of the Match was Lewis Davidson.

Wild v Tigers SRC3 Wild v Tigers SRC2

Wild v Tigers SRC1 Wild v Tigers SRC






Photos from Gordon Fowley.


The Club have no league games over Christmas although we do have 4 players heading to Sheffield Ice Arena for the EIHA mini conference series on Saturday & Sunday December 28 & 29.  

Representing the U15’s we have Harry Campbell & Lewis McCrindle while at U17’s we have Jamie Sturrock & Kyle Forsyth.  

Good luck to all our players and their Scotland teams, we know you will do us proud.

Merry Christmas


All our Managers & Coaches would like to thank all parents & carers for their help and support throughout the season & to the players, thank you for your continued effort, attitude and hard work.  Enjoy the holidays and have a Merry Christmas.

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Wild play SRC Semi-final, Stars welcome Kestrels while Sabres have X-Ice.

stars v kirk3

North Ayrshire Sabres at X-Ice.

North ​A​yr​shire​ ​S​abres travelled to ​K​ilmarnock to take part in a x-ice with teams from ​K​ilmarnock, ​L​anarkshire,​ ​Murrayfield(red) and ​M​urrayfield(white).  ​T​he day seen some very good skills from all the players who have been listening to their coaches at training and are now taking their skills into games. ​ ​With Lanarkshire and ​Murrayfield(red) turning up short of ​players. Sabres​ Brad Ruxton & Lucas Allen volunteered to ice for Lanarkshire whilst David Turner, Leighton Murray and Bailey Toner volunteered to make up the numbers for ​M​urrayfield​, this was very mature of the boys and showed great spirit allowing the event to go ahead and all the kids play hockey.  ​All the kids had a great day​ and we are really happy with the way the team is progressing.

North Ayrshire Wild v Dundee Comets – Semi-Final Stuart Robertson Cup (1st Leg) at Auchenharvie Ice Rink, Stevenston.
Final Score: Wild 6 – 10 Comets.
Dundee Comets v North Ayrshire Wild – Semi-Final Stuart Robertson Cup (2nd Leg) at Dundee Ice Arena.
Wild travel​led​ to Dundee for the return leg of the cup being 4 goals down from the previous night.
The ​W​ild started really ​well​ with loads of shots on the Dundee net minder ​meaning that they finished the end of the ​1st ​period a goal up​ at 0-1. ​ ​T​he second period ​saw ​the ​W​ild ​continue ​where they left off in the first scoring more goals, this period ended 1-3 to the ​W​ild​.  Into the 3rd​ period,​ ​T​he ​W​ild need​ed​ another 3 goals to ​see them ​ ​i​nto the finals but ​sadly ​it wasn’t to be as Dundee equalised ​bringing it to ​3-3.  T​he ​W​ild needed to push forward but this​ then​ left them open and it wasn’t long before Dundee used this to their advantage and ​scored ​a further 2 goals ​which took​ this game out of the ​W​ild​’​s reach. 
The ​W​ild played well​, ​ just need to start finishing the play with the puck in the net​ as​ several chances ​slightly missed the mark, hitting ​the bar and post, but a lot was taken from this game as both coaches see massive improvement as a team and individuals. 
​Final Score: Comets 5 – 3 Wild – Over all: Dundee Comets 15 – 9 North Ayrshire Wild. ​Mom Gary Parker
WILD v comets 1 Wild v Comets SRCPhoto’s by Ivor McBean.
​North Ayrshire Stars v Kirkcaldy Kestrels U14’s at Auchenharvie Ice Rink, Stevenston.
The Stars welcomed the Kestrels for their 1st meeting this season and we knew it would be a well fought match.  Stars opened the scoring with a great opening goals after only 2.40 on the clock from Flynn Massie after great team play saw a pass from Liam Houston to Emma Lamberton to Flynn.  Kestrels answered a minute later to level the game followed by another to finish the 1st period 2-1 up.
2nd period saw the Kestrels score 1st and Stars heads went down a little but not for long and soon got back on track with Liam moving the puck along the rink, passing to Flynn before Rocco Murray took a slapshot from just inside the blue line bring the Stars back into the game.  This was followed by an excellent blue line shot from Captain Kerr Drummond that whizzed by Kestrels Net Minder but the celebration was short lived as the goal wasn’t awarded as the Stars were unfortunately off-side.  Try as they might they just couldn’t get back into the game and Kestrels scored a further 2 goals.
Final Score: Stars 2 – 5 Kestrels. Goals from Flynn Massie and Rocco Murray. Man of the Match: Calum Simmonds Net-minder.​

stars v kirk 2
Stars v Kirk1 Stars v KirkcaldyCalum Simmonds MOM
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Mixed bag when Belfast came to visit

See ya

North Ayrshire Penguins v Belfast Junior Giants U12’s at Auchenharvie Ice Rink.

North Ayr Penguins were hoping to slay the giants from belfast for the second time this season and they have 3 of the squad on a high after receiving Scotland call upsto the U11’s squad.  But it was Belfast who opened the scoring after 10 seconds catching the Penguins team off guard scoring from face off. Penguins weren’t going to let giants have it their own way and equalised through Scotland forward Lennon Deeney.  Belfast showed they had skill in their own team and regained their lead making the score 2-1 to the visitors. Lennon again got Penguins back on level terms with a fantastic solo goal to tie the game at 2-2. With the end of the 1st period approaching it looked as if the teams would go in level until Penguins Captain and Scotland forward Rocco Murray scored to send the Penguins into the break with a 3-2 lead. 

The second period saw Belfast start on the front foot again and could have scored early on if it wasn’t for a fantastic save from Caiden MacColl. This woke up the Penguins and Rocco soon made it 4-2 and another moments later made it 5-2 soon with his hat trick goal. Penguins increased their pressure on the giants goal and increased their lead when Lennon sent a rocket into the top corner with his 3rd goal of the game making the score 6-2. Belfast reduced the deficit near the end of the second with a well worked goal making the score 6-3. Jack Malcolm restored the penguins 4 goal lead with an excellent goal to make the score 7-3. This sparked a mini comeback from the giants who scored 2 quick goals making the score 7-5. Penguins then scored 2 quick goals of their own from Lennon increasing their lead to 9-5. The game then went end to end with Belfast being the next team to get on the score sheet reducing the deficit to 9-6. Rocco then increased Penguins lead by scoring another 2 goals making the score 11-6 before Belfast finished the scoring with a late goal making the final score 11-7 to North Ayr Penguins. Goals for Lennon Deeney x5 Rocco Murray x5 and Jack Malcolm. Man of the Match was Jack Malcolm.


North Ayrshire Devils v Belfast Junior Giants U20’s at Auchenharvie Ice Rink, Stevenston.

The first period saw the home team take an early lead with a goal from captain Ryan Campbell assisted by Connor Park with only 3mins on the clock but Belfast answered back making it one all at 9.44. Each side desperate to find the net but denied. End of the first 1-1.  Belfast answered back early in the second with a power play goal. The home side would make it even again at 20.49 with a goal from Jamie Miller assisted by Kyle Forsyth. Devils then increased the lead with a third goal from Lucas Correia assisted by Jamie Miller and Ryan Campbell. The away side returned at 23.35 making it three each. Devils answered this with two quick goals from Kyle Forsyth assisted by Haydn Woods and Sean Woods. With the Devils on a power play, Darren Easton found the back of the net assisted by Ryan Campbell and Haydn Woods to finish the end of the second 5-4 Devils and this were looking great.  Third period however saw Belfast bag three quick goals to seal the fate of the devils. End of the game 5-6 Belfast. Man of the Match: Callum Ramsay.


North Ayrshire Wild v Solway Sharks at Dumfries Ice Arena.

Wild travel to Dumfries to take on the Solway Sharks. The Wild were short benched with car breakdowns and players not managing to get there, but the team wasn’t going to let that stop them. It was always going to be a tough night playing the team that will probably go on to win the league. Unfortunately The Wild went down with only 34 seconds on the clock then another 2 minutes later, the period ended 5-0. Into the second and the Wild upped their game and managed to score 2 goals but so did Solwayand then a couple more with this period ending 9-2. The final period was much the same with the Wild always playing second best, this game was played with the highest spirits and its great to watch a game of good ice hockey and very few penalties, Solway were a fast clinical team with crisp passes straight on to sticks between players, but the boys put up a fight and the game ended 14-4. Man of the Match: Scott Blackwell, Wild Net Minder.


Other News:

North Ayrshire Ice Hockey Club are delighted to have had 9 players selected for Scotland Conference Squad this season.  This is testament to the hard work, self motivation and dedication to their sport from the players at club level and throughout the Scotland training camps so far.  Congratulations to: Under 11’s Squad:- Jake Reilly, Lennon Deeney & Rocco Murray. Under 13’s Squad:- Flynn Massie & Liam Houston. Under 15’s Squad:- Harry Campbell & Lewis McCrindle.  Under 17’s Squad:- Jamie Sturrock & Kyle Forsyth.

Well done boys, keep on working hard!!

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Winning ways continue …… Reports from 23rd/24th November

Sabre xice
Saturday 23rd November
North Ayrshire Predators v Kilmarnock JIHC @ Galleon Leisure Centre. Face Off: 5.30pm
Always a hotly contested game, and always seeming to be scheduled early in the season, your Predators arrived at the Galleon fired up for the game against their local rivals.
Biggest surprise of the game is that there were only 10 mins in penalties awarded, as both teams put playing disciplined controlled hockey first.
It started badly for the Predators with the officials awarding a goal to Kilmarnock despite the puck being under the glove of the Predators netminder in front of the goal line.
It didnt take long for the response, Kyle Forsyth netting the equaliser on a feed from Dylan Murray.
The game flowed from end to end, Kilmarnock scored next, then the equaliser, this time Dylan Murray scoring, assisted by Kyle Forsyth.
2nd period saw the Predators jump out to an early lead, with goals from Antony Curlett and Kyle Macintosh, before Kilmarnock scored another to reduce the lead to 1 again.
Next goal from Kilmarnock saw the officials ignore the rule book and award a goal that was scored after a puck had been shot at the netminders helmet, even the home team were surprised to be awarded this “goal”.
3rd period saw Kyle Forsyth and Dylan Murray combine again to take the Predators into a 2 goal lead, before an unstoppable shot from Innes Gallagher brought the home team to within 1 again.  A defensive lapse in our own zone on the PP saw the Predators cough up the puck to Charlie Christie, who made no mistake in burying the final equaliser with a fine finish.  Fiercely competitive game, played in the correct spirit by both teams, in spite of questionable officiating!
Final Score: North Ayrshire Predators 6 – 6 Kilmarnock U16’s. Man of the Match: Dylan Murray.
North Ayrshire Penguins v Ayr Bruins U10’s @ Auchenharvie Leisure Centre,  Stevenston. Face Off: 6pm. 
Penguins were looking to continue their undefeated start to the season against Ayr Bruins.
1st period started well with chances at both ends before Penguins took the lead with a goal from Rocco Murray. Rocco then made it 2-0 with a well worked goal shooting it high into the net ensuring Penguins ended the period on top.
The second started with North Ayr increasing their lead through a goal from  Lennon Deeney.   Penguins weren’t for letting up and laid siege on the Ayr Bruins goal with Rocco coming close with a shot that struck the bar. But his continued persistence paid off as he increased the Penguins lead with his hat trick goal to make the score 4-0.
Penguins kept the pressure on the Bruins net with some good team work and eventually increased their lead with a goal from Jack Malcolm. Penguins kept the pace up and nearly increased their lead with some great skills from Liam Durning but he found a Bruins goalie on top form, making a great save to deny him. The second period ended 5-0.
The 3rd period saw Penguins increase their lead through Captain Rocco Murray making the score 6-0. Rocco wasn’t for letting up with the  goals and soon made it 7-0 before Jack Malcolm made the final score 8-0. This was a great team performance making it 4 wins from 4 for the Penguins. Man of the Match: went to solid defence man David Turner(Photo Credit: Fiona McBride)
David Turner MOM - Penguins Penguins v AyrBruinsPenguins V Ayr Bruins 8 - 0 (71)
North Ayrshire Devils v Ayr Bruins @ Auchenharvie Leisure Centre Face Off: 7:30pm 
Devils look to Make it 4
League Leaders North Ayrshire Devils were in action again this weekend with a home tie against local rivals Ayr Bruins.
Devils were out to continue their winning start to the season, and it wasn’t long till their quality in attack brought the first goal. Ryan Tunnicliffe opened the scoring assisted by Christopher Burwood and Lucas Correia. With Angus Gaffney adding a second almost immediately. This set the tone for the first period as the Devils stormed into a 9-goal lead at the end of the first period.
The Second period saw the Devils ease up in their urgency only converting 3 goals from the numerous chances some in part due to some outstanding net minding by the Bruins. With the second period finishing 12-0 to the Devils, it would take a big third period for the Bruins to close the gap.
The start of the third period would see the return of former Devils netminder Brandon Rooney take his place again between the pipes. From the drop of the first puck in the third period the Devils had regained their momentum from the first period scoring 7 unanswered goals.
Final score 19-0 Devils making it 4 wins in a row. Devils Man Of the Match: Lucas Correia.
The Devils next game is at home to Belfast Junior Giants on Sat 30/11/19 Auchenharvie Leisure centre face off 7:30pm.
Sabres x ice
Sunday 24th November 
North Ayrshire Sabres hosted a x-ice tournament at Galleon Leisure Centre,  Kilmarnock. 
North Ayr Sabres & Learn to play welcomed teams from Dundee, Lanarkshire, Kirkcaldy and Ayr Bruins for their 1st x-ice of the season.
There was some great skill on show from all the kids. Everyone had fun and we look forward to more games this season.
These small ice games give the children the chance to put all they are learning into practice and gives then a sense of game play scenarios and encourages then to make split-second decisions on the go!
Man of the Match: Ruaridh White
Sabres x-iceSabre xice