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Polar Plunge 2022

On New Years Day, 18 of our brave parents took part in the Polar Plunge at Irvine Beach to raise funds for our club.
Organised by Coastwatch Irvine, our Rookie Revolution coach, Jim Foster thought this would be a fun way to raise some much needed funds for our club, from the moment he mentioned it, we had parents volunteer to take part, in the end 18 brave souls entered the sea after spending December collecting sponsors with another 4 parents lined up to do the ice bucket challenge as they were unable to join the plunge on Saturday due to Covid protocols.
Look at those waves Let's Plunge
The Polar Plunge crew gathered at 11.30am to check in and collect their participant wristband and take part in the warm up by Shoes Brothers Dance before heading to the sand.  It may have been the mildest New Years Day for years with the sun shining on them, but it was also crazy windy with huge angry looking waves that gave a few of our Polar plunge crew the fear, but they all pulled together and helped each other overcome any fears they had and ran into the waves with determination and smiles to do it and raise money for their club.  Much to their surprise, they didn’t find it so bad and after coming out, were very easily talked round to going back in.
All 18 parents completed their plunge and their smiles & laughter was infectious to the support crew of other parents, coaches and friends who had assembled to cheer them on and after leaving were given a cup of hot soup, tea or coffee to help thaw them all out.
Coach Jim Foster, the man with the idea had this to say “Thanks to all my crazy Polar Plunge crew, glad that you’re all as crazy as me and I didn’t need to do it myself.  You made the event a great day and I can’t thank you all enough.  Seriously though, thanks to everyone for helping get this fundraiser over the finishing line, you may not have all entered the water with us but you helped make it happen and were there in spirit”  At the moment, we have raised apx £1700, which is fantastic but as money comes in, this may well rise.
We were lucky enough to have a photographer as a family friend to some of our parents so he popped along and took these amazing images. We can’t thank Barry Gordon from B & M Photography enough for capturing these brilliant images for us.
North Ayrshire Ice Hockey Club fundraises throughout the year as they receive no funding and is run totally by volunteers.  If you would like to donate this can be done through our paypal account naihctreasurer.co.uk or if you would be interested in sponsorship, please get in touch via naihcsecretary@gmail.com
We run classes from 2yrs old through to 19yrs that partake in the Scottish Ice Hockey League (U10-U19) then we have the SNL adult team North Ayrshire Wild.
We are always happy to take on new starts or new players throughout the season, so if you’re interested, please contact us at naihcltp@gmail.com.
Big Thanks to our Polar Plunge Crew and good luck to our Ice Bucket challengers:
Jim Foster, Eric Young, Caitlin Morton, Sharron Frew, Spike Curdie, Craig Naylor, Laura Drummond, Craig Crozier, David Turner, Colin Massie, Alanna McCall, Nicole Morell, Jack Haggerty, Kevin Mcintyre, Kirsty Mcintyre, Kirsty Coupland, Stephen Coupland & Tracy Dawson.
Ice Bucket Challenge: Aidan Fulton, Niomhi Gracie, Arianne Barkin & Ally Harrison.
Polar Plunge Crew


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