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Waiting List for Rookies – NOW OPEN

🧡🖤🧡Waiting list is NOW OPEN for the next available spaces, these are limited, so if you want your child to learn with the best, contact Tracy on naihcltp@gmail.com to reserve a place🧡🖤🧡
The Rookie Revolution is 6 weeks into it’s 1st block, and the difference in the Rookies is a joy to see.
We are so glad to have been able to start them all on their Ice hockey journey.
With their 1st assessment last week, Coach Jimbo is confident that there will be movement in all levels as the Rookies are making great progress on their journey to securing a place on our Under 10’s team – The Sabres.
RRookiies Wild Watching - Edited RRookies   RRookies1


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